Enhanced Lessons

The keepin’ it REAL curriculum offers three comprehensive lessons for kindergarten to 8th-grade students, teaching them about social media risks and providing tools for mental well-being, identity protection, and online safety.

School Opioid & OTC/Rx Enhanced Lessons

The D.A.R.E. curriculum provides a comprehensive Opioid & OTC/Rx program, educating students from kindergarten through 8th grade about medication safety and risks. This discussion-based lesson is complemented by an online module. Through the progressive keepin’ it REAL series, D.A.R.E. empowers students with the knowledge and skills to safely navigate the complexities of medications and opioids.

Pre-K – 2nd Grade

For Pre-K-2nd graders learn to identify unsafe situations, differentiate between food and non-food items, and recognize medicines through two 15-minute lessons, complemented by a take-home Family Activity.

3rd – 4th Grade

The 3rd-4th grade curriculum familiarizes students with the role of law enforcement and reinforces safety practices and responsible medicine handling through two 20-minute lessons, supplemented by a Safety Tip Sheet and Family Talk materials.

5th – 6th Grade
In the 5th-6th grade curriculum, students explore the distinctions between prescription and over-the-counter medicines, learn to interpret medication labels, and cultivate decision-making skills through scenario-based activities. This involves two 45-minute lessons, complemented by the Be Safe booklet and Family Talk resources.
8th Grade
In the 8th-grade curriculum, students explore topics such as the addiction cycle, brain development, and the potential progression from prescription opioids to illicit drugs. These concepts are covered in either a single 80-minute session or two 40-minute sessions delivered by certified D.A.R.E. officers.

Vaping Prevention Enhanced Lessons

This D.A.R.E. curriculum includes a crucial Middle School Vaping Prevention Lesson, designed to address the alarming rise in vaping among young people. With the prevalence of nicotine vaping nearly doubling among high school seniors in just one year — and over 10% of eighth graders admitting to vaping in the past year — this lesson is more relevant than ever.

In this lesson, students will gain an understanding of the risks associated with vaping. They’ll learn how knowledge of these risk factors tends to increase as a product matures in the market. This educational approach aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about vaping and understand its potential health implications.

7th – 8th Grade
45-minute evidence-based lesson for 7th–8th grade students to learn basic information about vaping, as well as understand the risks associated with use.

Online & Social Media Safety Enhanced Lessons

This D.A.R.E. curriculum addresses the pressing issue of Online and Social Media Safety, a concern that has grown significantly due to the increasing use of the internet and social media by children and adolescents. Recognizing this as a national crisis, D.A.R.E. America has partnered with the Organization for Social Media Safety (OFSMS) to develop essential new lessons.

These lessons aim to educate students about the potentially harmful uses of social media — such as drug dealing, bullying, exploitation, and interpersonal violence. The curriculum also equips students with tools to safeguard their mental health, protect their identity, and avoid becoming victims of fraud and manipulation online. This comprehensive approach ensures children are well-informed and prepared to navigate the digital world safely.

7th – 8th Grade
45-minute evidence-based lesson for middle or high school students to identify risks, consequences, and management of safe social media use.

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Elementary School Curriculum

The keepin’ it REAL elementary curriculum is the core program for early grades (K-3) and elementary school students (5-6 grades).

Middle School Curriculum

D.A.R.E.’s keepin’ it REAL middle school curriculum serves as an extension of the elementary program, building on previously learned lessons.


Enhanced Lessons

The keepin’ it REAL curriculum offers three comprehensive and enhanced lessons aimed at educating kindergarten through 8th-grade students.